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Located at Hair Spray Salon
18 Liberty Street Newburyport, MA

Enjoy the benefit of Reiki from the comfort of your own home as I transmit Reiki energy to you wherever in the world you are.

My Availability

Monday-Friday: 9am-1pm
Tuesday Evenings: 4pm-6pm
Sundays: 9am-11am

(If none of these times work feel free to reach out)

Request a Session

Thank you! You will receive a confirmation soon.

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$100- 1 hour

In-person Reiki sessions will be at Hair Spray Salon 18 Liberty Street Newburyport, MA. All you need to bring is an open mind. Before each session you have the option of telling me something specific that you'd like to work on (releasing anger, finding more joy in your life, easing anxiety etc.) or you allow me to be lead intuitively to what needs to be worked on. To start the actual Reiki part of the session I will have you lay on the Reiki table, fully clothed, shoes off, face up, and covered with your blanket if you choose to be. I begin at the top of your head and work my way over your body to each chakra (the energy centers of our body) and through your joints and feet. I then make my way back up to your head to close out the session. The actual Reiki portion lasts about 35 min. Once that is completed I give you an overview of anything that came through energetically. Your energy can choose to tell me a story and I may interpret that information back to you to do with it what you wish. 

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$75- 1 hour

A distance Reiki session is done while we both remain in separate locations. None of it is face to face, it is done completely separated on the physical plane, but we will be connected energetically. I start connecting to your energy about 30 minutes before our session begins but I ask that you start getting settled into the spot you'll be receiving Reiki at about 15 minutes before our scheduled start time, that way your body and mind can relax and fully arrive. Make yourself a cup of tea, change into comfy clothes, and tidy up your space, or anything else that may help put your mind at ease. I begin each distance Reiki session by sending you a picture of the crystals that I was guided to choose for our session as well as the Angel Card that was chosen, and its description. At our scheduled start time, I send you a text to make sure you are settled in and ready to receive Reiki and if so I promptly begin. I am doing Reiki on my physical body, but I have set the intention that it travels to yours. All you have to do during that time is lay back, relax, and think thoughts that bring you joy. After the 35 minutes is over I may send you a voice recording of anything that I felt come through that you need to know, however the Reiki itself is the most important part of the session, and messages may not come through if I am intended to just focus on that energy.

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