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When I first witnessed the healing power of Reiki, I knew undoubtedly that this was a tool I wanted in my tool belt to help bring more light into the world. Learning the art of Reiki has unlocked so much potential and meaning in my life, and I am thrilled to be able to share my connection, perspective, and support with others. I was trained by the Usui System of Natural Healing to tune into Reiki energy in order to aid in healing, self development, and strengthening a spiritual connection. My personal Reiki style is very intuitive based, and I always enjoy the insights that come from a session. My goal is to tune into what the energy in your body is telling me to help unlock the potential and meaning within your own life.

"Never forget how much power you, as an individual hold. Your job is to keep your focus on what you WANT the world to look like.

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Keep going inside and healing what triggers you. Your thoughts and intentions are your power." 

-Jackie Pyburn

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